Research and Analysis

First informal group pin up we were asked:

" How does one design a skyscraper? How does one place a building in an existing urban context? How does the way we work affect the spaces we design for that work? How does one design for a completely different culture and geographical location?

In order to complete and answer these questions completely a designer goes through different stages which informs the designer about what he/she is going to design with every step.

• skyscraper design - rules of thumb
• skyscraper precedents, 1/student
• workplace design- trends

Due January 31

Proposal [assignment 1]

Putting the proposal together [1 single page portfolio,1 single page resume and 1 single page cover letter] for pro practice class established a baseline, a start for my portfolio and gave me different ideas of how to organize my portfolio for a possible interview in a job.