Personal Marketing Package

Working and finishing the personal marketing package felt great because now I was ready to look for an internship/job and after attending IIDA networking event[Design Day at Momentum Textiles at Archdale,NC] days before and and the Avenues event gave me opportunities to fix it and review it.

Sketchbook notes


CLIENT: Solomon Group
ARCHITECT:Asymptote Architecture
LOCAL ARCHITECT: Gansam and Junglim Architects
VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION: Lerch, Bates and Associates Inc.

Reflection [Research +Analysis]

Through the research that i conducted in that period of time I learned alot about skyscrapers and Stockholm, Sweden. Working with diagrams also helped alot with my vision and translating what I had in mind and also as I continue working through sketches, models and more diagramming. The more research I conduct, the more I get familiarized with the project and the goals that I am trying to portray.

Research +Analysis [Sketch Models]

Following up with the research that we individually did we also had to produce models considering environmental diagrams, workplace design diagrams, scale models for each of the precidents diagrams such as form to site,hierarchy, structure to enclosure, light to form, function to circulation urban diagrams.

And to work I go: