Lee St Project (Mixed-Use)

This is a project I did for my last year of bachelor's. The scope of the project was a mixed use.
Location: Greensboro


The 8747 square foot restaurant area occupies the second floor. The goal was to form a harmonious atmosphere and elegant space where it would not only engage the tenants that stay in the building but also the customers on street level accessing the bridge. The client decided to open this dining venue offering Mediterranean fare.


ino-designs team took over the challenge. Many obstacles came up throughout the design process. The team decided to "break up the space" but at the same time the area needed to flow together as one. In the center of the space, the high ceiling was broken down by using wood structure. The dropped down lighting complimented the area that it covered. The center is also considered the private dining area. In order to make it private but also not closed off, the space was "broken up" by these glass wall system where water would be coming down every time the lights would be on. It created the tranquility between two spaces. Outside these two walls there is space for booths and walkway where people would be walking to the open kitchen/bar area.

In the third floor there were residences.The client wanted housing for the families that were going to visit the students at UNCG.The space contains living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Our team of designers were able to accommodate a range of functions of the space while creating a livable home for the tenants even though they would be staying for a specific time. There is a dropped ceiling which divides the spaces. The different flooring materials define which space is what for. The pendant lights highlight the high ceilings while the recessed lights focus more on the area where the ceiling is dropped.

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