Models[Case Work]

Portable[Moveable with wheels on the bottom ] Storage for the Watercolor materials
Located in the Studio space

Portable table that extends more [fits more people,opens more from both sides]
Located in the Living Room and Studio

:Floor Plan:Ideation

Axonometric View

A quick sketch of how the living room would be lay out.

Residential Standards

Entrances should be at least 34" wide.
Work triangle should be used where distances travelled to each station should be between 4'-9"(Oven,Fridge,Workspace).
Not a lot of traffic circulation should pass through work triangle.
Walkways should be at least 36".
Seating areas should have at lest 36" clearance between walls and counter table space and it is 60" for wheelchairs.
Sink should be located between cooking surface and refrigerator.
Knee space under sink 27" minimum for wheelchairs with a 34" max sink height.
Work isle width should be at least 42".
If sink is located next to a corner there should be at least 3" frontage from adjoining counter with at least 21" of free space at adjoining counter.
Countertop height should be between 29"-36" and adjustable for wheelchairs.
Floor space of at least 30"x48" adjacent to dishwasher.
Have at least two waste receptacles near cleanup/prep/sink areas.
30"x48" clear workspace in front of refrigerator and 15" of work area on handle side of refrigerator.
Have at least 12"-15" of work-top area on both sides of cook surface.
24" clearance between cooking surface and nonflammable surface.
cooking areas should be well vented. Vent controls should be placed 15"-44" above floor.
Do not place cooking surface beneath a window.
Should be at least 15" work area below or adjacent to microwave.
There should be at least 15" workspace next to oven. Workspaces across from oven must be at least 48" away.
Use clipped or rounded corner counters.
At least 158" of countertop 24" deep should be offered.
Items used all the time should be between 15"-48" above floor.
All work stations should be well illuminated with adjustable lighting fixtures.

Doors should have a minimum 2'-10" opening.
Minimum ceiling height should be at least 80".
30"x48" at each fixture for wheelchair to move freely.
Lavatory sink height should be no more than 34" for the seated user using a wheelchair.
There should be rounded corners on counters.
Interior shower size should be at least 36"x36".
Shower controls located between 38"-48" above floor.
Grab bars should be 33"-36" above floor and able to support static load of 250 lbs.
Shower seat 17"-19" above shower floor.
Bathtubs with seats should have a horizontal grab bar at side wall of seat and at opposite wall.
Toilet grab bars located on rear wall and side-wall closest to toilet.
Slip resistant flooring should be specified.
Toilets should be spaced 15" on center from any obstacle.
Toilet seat should be 15"-19" from floor.
Items used all the time should be placed 15"-48" off of floor.
Full height mirror for seated individuals.
Toilet paper holder should be 8"-12" from toilet bowl and and 15"-48" above floor.
Light switches must be suitable for damp locations.
Ventilation controls should e placed 15"-48" above floor.

Unity Village:Phase iii:User Needs


1) Living/Dining Room

Physical Needs

Table w/drawers
Seating area
Natural/artificial light

Psychological Needs

Social interaction


Physical Needs

Kitchen Cabinets
Space to prepare food

Psychological Needs

Smells good
Social interaction

Physical Needs

Area to work on her art
Space for dispay
Space to store the materials
Natural light

Psychological Needs

Social Interaction

4) Bedroom

Physical Needs

Drawers to put clothes

Psychological Needs

Individual Space


Physical Needs

Toilet Privacy
Sink Quiet
Lighting Relaxing
Trash Can Secure
Mirror Bright
Paper Towels
Closet for towels

Psychological Needs



Physical Needs

Psychological Needs


Unity Village: Phase iii:Design Concept (Statement)

 Considering my client is a 71-year-old woman that holds private watercolor classes in her apartment and hosts her book club one can tell her life is filled with warmth and harmony from being around people all the time and not making her feel lonely. I would use the living room as the space where she holds these activities. Putting a portable table/desk in the middle of the room for her to navigate where how she would like the people to seat so everyone can seat around it and the room to have a cozy feeling. This way Ms.Heffernan(client) would have a sense of security knowing the space would embrace everyone in the middle as one. When she is not holding classes she can close the table by sliding from both sides and use it as a desk where she can store her art materials or work on her next art masterpiece. Considering her age, eyesight could also impair how the color is seen. A soft contrast of blue/green color would be painting the walls so the room can have an open feel. She also enjoys displaying her art as well as her student's artwork. By hanging and portraying her art on each side of the wall as well as bedroom would give her a sense of art gallery.


You are an integral part of creating the design.  Ino-Designs is there for you to emphasize the creation of a total environment through preliminary spaces studies, lighting, color, space planning, texture, furniture, and fabric. We work within your budget and time-frame, and can facilitate your project from start to finish. WE ARE YOUR DESIGN-BUILD CONSULTANTS!

Unity Village:Phase Three

Monday April 4 , 2010 we were introduced to the phase three of the Unity Village project. We voted for the floor plan that team number 3 designed and after we each given a unit and a client to design for. I have to design an Elderly Unit and the client is Cindy Heffernan. She is a retired, 71-year-old woman. Ms. Heffernan holds private watercolor classes in her apartment and hosts her book club in her apartment every other Thursday. She enjoys displaying her art as well as her student's artwork. She wants her apartment to have an open feel with lots of natural light. I am really excited to get started. The concept is about expansion and I'm developing it more. We are using the concept of the second phase of the project as an inspiration.