As one walks the streets, they see the train passing on top of the underpass and under it many lights, while shifting in different colors, are pulsing. They are intrigued and start walking toward it. One would say the structure looks as if it falls into its surroundings. As they get closer, they notice these solar panels that give power to the lights during the day, with the sun being the main source of light during the day and at night electrical lighting takes over allowing for a safer passageway for pedestrians. They see the reveled beams through this milled acrylic panel that are lighting up with LED’s. Earth tones blend the manmade structure within its natural environments. Lighting and color accentuates the overall experience they will have while actually in the space. That is also going to be noticeable in the “glowing” shifting walls as they seem to come from the ground. The cove lighting from the ceiling releases this yellowish glow while making the underpass feel warm and a comfortable place. As one would say the underpass will be the focal point during the daytime as well as nighttime. As day turns into night, the underpass becomes a stronger, independent entity. There is a hierarchy created in the space as it shift from outside to the inside of the underpass. While promoting fitness through this underpass, one would also say that the place seems familiar. They say that because the underpass “captures” the city where every pedestrian, whether on foot, bike or rollerblades, will pause and see the history of the city of Greensboro and its Greenway Underpass.

Downtown Greenway

We are going to have three ideas conceptual/sketches and models (by Wendsday to desk critiqued)where we portray our interpretation of how the space is going to work and be visualized(pedestrians,biking) There are 4 significant pieces of public making the corners of the Downtown Greenway expressing city wide themes such as Motion, Freedom,Innovation, Tradition.

Fall 2011 Fourth Year Studio: First Day Back

School started October 22nd and my studio class was really exciting. We will be working on the Downtown Greensboro Greenway Path and our first assignment was to read about Light Revealing Experience by Marietta Millet from the book Light Revealing Architecture, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996 and “Color in Architecture” by Rasmussen from the book “Experiencing Architecture” MIT Press, 1992. After we have to write a 300 word response of how light and color inspire the design world. Light and color surrounds us in our daily life. Its founded everywhere we see, touch,smell,hear, and we talk about them. When it comes to the design world, light and color can be integrated together where one works in favor of the other and vice-versa. Also, it is about how we experience light and color together. When light accents a wall, color is big part of it. It really depends first on color where we get a visual aspect then we get different dramatic views of how light hits that wall, whether is during the day or during the night. It also depends on the focal glow or ambient luminescemce or play of brilliance as it was explained by Marrieta Millet. Color can be conveyed in many ways in the design world and it responds sensitively of how the light affects that color. Not only we see that in nature, but also in many design details portrayed in the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Michael Graves where they configured the relationship of light and color together. Color and light make the space more alive and intriguing and that is where they convey how the design world gets inspired and continues to be challenged by many ideas that come through from us. Without color, every design would have been dull, without life where light would affect the same thing every day without leaving an impression. However, with color and light together in play together, we visualize many designs where combined together we see many visual effects which transforms an empty space to an inspired space where everyone would like to be at.

Final Critique[studio]

Final critique went good. We had good feedback from our judges and we will have to add some more stuff to the boards such as diagrams, renderings ,fix the site and other things.

night rendering

3ds max 2012

3ds max 2012 so I thought to download it and I thought to try it out. The results came out good.

Networking Project

I attended more than two networking events[IIDA+AIA+a profesional that I met at AIA event invited me to the the event that he was holding at his company] and they helped me look for an internship. They gave me advices and also got many business cards where I met alot of people and showing me support that I can really do this and be involved in this profession.

another test rendering

Group Marketing Package

Working on the group marketing package helped me alot understand another aspect of the profession which later on I might write these documents. The business/marketing side of this project was interesting and gave me some new ideas/inspirations about how I could expand my ideas and and hopefully later on I can open my own firm. I will definitely keep a copy of this group marketing package.

Black Swans and The U.S future: The challenge of resilience

On April 7, 2011, I attended a presentation on the Black Swan event and the speaker was David W.Orr[Financial Analysis,he also wrote the book,"Black Swans and The U.S future: The challenge of resilience"]. He was talking about this event and also what was being effected by it (cities,the grid,internet,food system,water system, waste system etc.) There were many reasons-he explained. It is based on laws of economics two-four years can be made to work with those of evolution. He was explaining the atmospheric carbon dioxide and how it is affecting us. Then, David started talking about ecological design revolution... It is sustainable agriculture and forestry, architecture and green building, whole systems engineering, urban design, biommicry and materials. After explaining this points, David started explaining the goals.

Start with a community

1) 13 acre development the green arts district
USGBC Platinum
driver for economic revitalization

2) climate neutral-City and College
energy efficiency
renewable energy

3)20,000 acre greenbelt farms

4) Education: 1000 students/10 years

Create Opprtunity
The vision was to plan for college and town
Financing-banks,3rd parties,savings
Delivery-new businesses

Energy efficiency has net 75% of the new demands for energy related goods and services.

That includes: environmental education, urban planning,ecological engineering and green architecture.

Research Paper

For the research paper in the pro-practice class I wrote about sustainability and how LEED affects the current practice that shapes the interior architecture profession. I used strategies such as a synthetic approach which included research of current literature, case studies, interviews and it helped me out alot understand the process of developing and refining my own research methods.


This has come up many times during the consultation with the clients:

  • Do I need a city permit for my renovation?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much space can be transformed to a living space?
  • Will I be able to call this a room if I just put a door here and a wall there?
 Each and every city has its own codes and regulations that the homeowner must follow in order to build, modify, convert or add-on to their house , different zoning, whether it is a residential or a commercial addition or site development.  These codes differ from one city to another, every year new rules and codes are being added.

Let us perform the city research for you!

Iarc 451


1. Online Posting


2. Absoloutely need printed portfolio

-"Where do i look for portfolio samples and advice?"

"ask around"

"Embrace the white space" in the portfolio.
"Do not cram everything" in the portfolio.

11"x17" is a good choice.
You have to present graphically with limit text.
* Graphics more important

What do I put in my portfolio?

range of creative work
range of skills
range of interests
mix of hand and digital work
mix of media

*What makes a good cover letter?

contact info
keep it simple
address to a person
do not repeat resume
relate yourself to a position
keep it proffesional

*What do I put on my resume?

contact info
objective (unique to position)
work experience

[less is More]

Rendering Analysis[skyscraper-3ds max]2

Personal Marketing Package

Working and finishing the personal marketing package felt great because now I was ready to look for an internship/job and after attending IIDA networking event[Design Day at Momentum Textiles at Archdale,NC] days before and and the Avenues event gave me opportunities to fix it and review it.

Sketchbook notes


CLIENT: Solomon Group
ARCHITECT:Asymptote Architecture
LOCAL ARCHITECT: Gansam and Junglim Architects
VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION: Lerch, Bates and Associates Inc.