Fall 2011 Fourth Year Studio: First Day Back

School started October 22nd and my studio class was really exciting. We will be working on the Downtown Greensboro Greenway Path and our first assignment was to read about Light Revealing Experience by Marietta Millet from the book Light Revealing Architecture, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996 and “Color in Architecture” by Rasmussen from the book “Experiencing Architecture” MIT Press, 1992. After we have to write a 300 word response of how light and color inspire the design world. Light and color surrounds us in our daily life. Its founded everywhere we see, touch,smell,hear, and we talk about them. When it comes to the design world, light and color can be integrated together where one works in favor of the other and vice-versa. Also, it is about how we experience light and color together. When light accents a wall, color is big part of it. It really depends first on color where we get a visual aspect then we get different dramatic views of how light hits that wall, whether is during the day or during the night. It also depends on the focal glow or ambient luminescemce or play of brilliance as it was explained by Marrieta Millet. Color can be conveyed in many ways in the design world and it responds sensitively of how the light affects that color. Not only we see that in nature, but also in many design details portrayed in the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Michael Graves where they configured the relationship of light and color together. Color and light make the space more alive and intriguing and that is where they convey how the design world gets inspired and continues to be challenged by many ideas that come through from us. Without color, every design would have been dull, without life where light would affect the same thing every day without leaving an impression. However, with color and light together in play together, we visualize many designs where combined together we see many visual effects which transforms an empty space to an inspired space where everyone would like to be at.

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