This has come up many times during the consultation with the clients:

  • Do I need a city permit for my renovation?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much space can be transformed to a living space?
  • Will I be able to call this a room if I just put a door here and a wall there?
 Each and every city has its own codes and regulations that the homeowner must follow in order to build, modify, convert or add-on to their house , different zoning, whether it is a residential or a commercial addition or site development.  These codes differ from one city to another, every year new rules and codes are being added.

Let us perform the city research for you!

Iarc 451


1. Online Posting

2. Absoloutely need printed portfolio

-"Where do i look for portfolio samples and advice?"

"ask around"

"Embrace the white space" in the portfolio.
"Do not cram everything" in the portfolio.

11"x17" is a good choice.
You have to present graphically with limit text.
* Graphics more important

What do I put in my portfolio?

range of creative work
range of skills
range of interests
mix of hand and digital work
mix of media

*What makes a good cover letter?

contact info
keep it simple
address to a person
do not repeat resume
relate yourself to a position
keep it proffesional

*What do I put on my resume?

contact info
objective (unique to position)
work experience

[less is More]

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