Revit 2013 Walkthrough-hidden line

This was a architecture walkthrough that I did with Revit regardless of the Lewisville project that I worked on as a freelance project. It is 2500 frames and the rendering took a couple hours just to do hidden line. I am using an hp computer HP computer , quad core (64 bit), (really powerful computer for what it's worth)inter core i7 processor, with a nice nvidia graphics card (2 GB dedicated ), memory of 16 GB, 1 TB hard drive. I was glad my computer could handle and process everything that I was designing. I remember before when I had a different computer and all I could see was wire frames when I would render a walkthrough. Next, I will be rendering it with 3DS MAX DESIGN and VRAY.

Lewisville project-Site

This is the site of one of my architecture projects that I am working on. It is a freelance project that I picked up and it has been going great so far. It is located in North Carolina and the terrain was a little difficult to work with. It was created on the Revit software and the dots that you see on the picture are the point slopes. The contour lines were created from that base of data that I picked up (GIS- geographic information system) I had to find out the boundaries and work on the landscape in addition to what are the existing conditions.