Final Critique[studio]

Final critique went good. We had good feedback from our judges and we will have to add some more stuff to the boards such as diagrams, renderings ,fix the site and other things.

night rendering

3ds max 2012

3ds max 2012 so I thought to download it and I thought to try it out. The results came out good.

Networking Project

I attended more than two networking events[IIDA+AIA+a profesional that I met at AIA event invited me to the the event that he was holding at his company] and they helped me look for an internship. They gave me advices and also got many business cards where I met alot of people and showing me support that I can really do this and be involved in this profession.

another test rendering

Group Marketing Package

Working on the group marketing package helped me alot understand another aspect of the profession which later on I might write these documents. The business/marketing side of this project was interesting and gave me some new ideas/inspirations about how I could expand my ideas and and hopefully later on I can open my own firm. I will definitely keep a copy of this group marketing package.

Black Swans and The U.S future: The challenge of resilience

On April 7, 2011, I attended a presentation on the Black Swan event and the speaker was David W.Orr[Financial Analysis,he also wrote the book,"Black Swans and The U.S future: The challenge of resilience"]. He was talking about this event and also what was being effected by it (cities,the grid,internet,food system,water system, waste system etc.) There were many reasons-he explained. It is based on laws of economics two-four years can be made to work with those of evolution. He was explaining the atmospheric carbon dioxide and how it is affecting us. Then, David started talking about ecological design revolution... It is sustainable agriculture and forestry, architecture and green building, whole systems engineering, urban design, biommicry and materials. After explaining this points, David started explaining the goals.

Start with a community

1) 13 acre development the green arts district
USGBC Platinum
driver for economic revitalization

2) climate neutral-City and College
energy efficiency
renewable energy

3)20,000 acre greenbelt farms

4) Education: 1000 students/10 years

Create Opprtunity
The vision was to plan for college and town
Financing-banks,3rd parties,savings
Delivery-new businesses

Energy efficiency has net 75% of the new demands for energy related goods and services.

That includes: environmental education, urban planning,ecological engineering and green architecture.

Research Paper

For the research paper in the pro-practice class I wrote about sustainability and how LEED affects the current practice that shapes the interior architecture profession. I used strategies such as a synthetic approach which included research of current literature, case studies, interviews and it helped me out alot understand the process of developing and refining my own research methods.