How to draw/sketch an axonometric floor plan with these easy steps

An axonometric floor plan displays a lot of features that a two dimensional floor plan could not show. Materials is one of these features (other then being three dimensional of course). Unless you do a rendered floor plan (or renderings) , a two-dimensional plan will seem flat and is more of a construction document. It will be a nice touch on a project for a client or put it on a board that you have to do for a design school project. Before putting my design projects on the computer (Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, sketchUp etc), I draw/sketch my ideas on paper/sketchbook. Here are some simple steps that I take to draw axonometric floor plans and that you can apply to your own specific project:
This is a simple/quick floor plan that I sketched for the purpose to show you how to transform a space from a flat dimension to 3D.  It includes a living room/dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

floor plan sketched by ino-designs
floor plan .ino-designs
Then turn your drawing like the picture below( 90 degrees) and draw the corners of the walls. (straight lines, equal measure,example:4 " line each corner)

floor plan turning into axonometric plan
After drawing the lines,connect the lines ( I just turn the drawing back to its original position and draw the horizontal lines.). Last , you will see the drawing turn into three dimensional as the next pictures below.

draw horizonal lines on the axonometric view
next step for axonometric plan

These drawings are not complete. They are just rough sketches(preliminary) and different ideas . On the final drawings, you would actually continue the steps with the furniture, walls, doors, and add the materials. When I just started design school, these steps help a lot in hand drawings and thought to share. Let me know you have any questions about any of the steps! I will respond as soon as possible. In the next post, we are going to draw some diagrams, tools to help the designer to roughen and visualize their ideas some more. Be excited and start drawing/sketching till the next post!


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