More than one way to gain experience in the design field

Have you noticed everytime you go to apply for a design position ( on this post-architecture,interior architecture, graphic design) they ask about your experience? What if you just got out of school and have not had any experience other than an internship(s) that you have done on your third and forth year (maybe fifth year with some programs)? Make sure you have strong portfolio to clearly show what you can do. How do you know you have a strong portfolio? 

Let the work speak for itself! Imagine that you are not even at the interview step yet and someone passing by just looked at your portfolio. Would the work that you provided catch their attention? How can you add more quality work to your portfolio? Do some freelance projects! Write a program and imagine it being a real client. Ask around (word of mouth) if anyone needs any work done. See if there are any competitions going on. You should always have the drive of working hard that you had in school plus more and not lose it! Be motivated! Set your short and long term goals. When you work on different competitions, your experience level goes up and you get more educated and learn new stuff every day of what can or can not work on a project. Programs of each client will be different . Not one project will be the same or same concept, however, the process of getting there will be similar. Network! Aside from location, networking is a great key to success in our field. That is how you learn (most of the time) of new opportunities arising. If you can not find any opportunities, create them! Work well in a team and be a leader to create your own path of success!

Also, if you need any additional information about where to find and enter many design competitions , let me know and I will send them to you.
competition create success path in design field
Be a leader and create your own path of success

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