One of the ways to render an indoor scene/room on revit (with pictures) save time

Rendering is important when you want to portray the idea to a potential costumer, whether you are working freelance, on a firm or you just a student and want to add them to your project (portfolio,online portfolio, board display, finals etc). I am going to show you how to render an indoor scene/room on revit using these easy steps. The time that it takes to render depends on the specs that you are running on your computer and also how much stuff you have on your scene ( we can minimize that though using *region box* so it only renders what you see and not the background.

*Keep in mind that I post-process my final renderings in other software (photoshp,vray,kerkythea etc) after I finish all the final details on my revit rendering/working  files.

This is the scene that I am going to be rendering. ( make sure you have applied the materials, paint and anything else to the scene so the renderings come out photorealistic. This tutorial is for educational purposes)


3ds max 2013 vray revit photoshop

3ds Max ( with Vray) has always been one of my favorite software. It is a lot more powerful especially when it is linked with Revit. It took me some time to achieve the appropriate look that i was going for (photorealistic in some renderings ) ,however, the result was worth the time spent. I edited some of these 3ds max renderings. I will keep updating and add more design solutions! If you have any questions regarding the software or how I achieved these renderings, I will gladly answer any questions about 3DS Max Design, Revit, V-Ray, Photoshop (what I used for the renderings), illustrator, Rhino and help you out. Thanks for checking out my website!

Architecture Walkthrough house intro Revit 3ds max hidden line

This was another update walkthrough that I did. This is the exterior (landscape ) and the interior of the house which includes the existing conditions and the additions that I did. It was a little bit of a challange, (like everything in life) but I was able to conquer it and make it exiting and part of a unique project. If you have any questions regarding the software that I used ( Revit, 3ds max , vray, photoshop) please let me know and I will gladly help and answer your question. My goal is to become better and better everyday in the architecture field and helping others will also help me.