One of the ways to render an indoor scene/room on revit (with pictures) save time

Rendering is important when you want to portray the idea to a potential costumer, whether you are working freelance, on a firm or you just a student and want to add them to your project (portfolio,online portfolio, board display, finals etc). I am going to show you how to render an indoor scene/room on revit using these easy steps. The time that it takes to render depends on the specs that you are running on your computer and also how much stuff you have on your scene ( we can minimize that though using *region box* so it only renders what you see and not the background.

*Keep in mind that I post-process my final renderings in other software (photoshp,vray,kerkythea etc) after I finish all the final details on my revit rendering/working  files.

This is the scene that I am going to be rendering. ( make sure you have applied the materials, paint and anything else to the scene so the renderings come out photorealistic. This tutorial is for educational purposes)


After choosing the view that we are going to render using the Camera tool, we are going to open up the Rendering dialog.

rendering, box
Click on the Region box (so it is checked ) and a red box is going to appear on your scene ( click,drag and cover what you will be rendering)
 Next, click under setting ( where it says draft, under quality) and click on Edit. you will see a picture like below.


Under Settings, click on High( or Best if you like, keep in mind that it takes more time to render) and then click on Copy to Custom. After doing these steps, you will be able to customized the settings of the quality under best and make it custom, I left mines as they are however, I went all the way down and check the boxes next to Windows and Curtain Walls under Daylight Portals.

daylight, portals, dialog
What that means is that the light from the windows and the curtain walls from the scene that you have set up is coming into the rendering scene ( that way you dont have a blurry picture from the light rays going all around the room and you get more photorealistic results this way).

Next you just click Ok and set up the Output Settings: Screen (great for online portfolio, websites, email) or Printer (300 DPI has worked for me for best results and not much time ).if you are putting together a hard copy portfolio (physical portfolio) or printing it to show to the client/customer.

Lighting part of the rendering dialog box. I left mine under Sceme : Interior: Sun and Artificial  and the Sun Settings: In session, Lighting.
(Hint: So it only renders only the lights in your scene ( and takes less time, go under Artificial Lights and uncheck the lights that are not on your interior scene)

artificial lights,save time

Background: Style: A few clouds (since its interior scene).

Now you click Render.

Final Result

final, rendering,revit,mental ray

As I mentioned earlier, I post-process my renderings on other software (photoshop,vray,kerkythea etc)

For example, this is step one after the finished revit rendering:


Have any questions? Leave a comment or just say hello!  If you have any questions about the details of the all process I take to complete a specific rendering/scope of work, please let me know and I will respond as soon as possible.

Also, I do renderings depending on what the client needs. Portfolio Upon Request.
If there is any custom work, please contact us through the Contact Us page on the main menu of the website. Thanks!

interior renderings starting at :



  1. without post processing result of rendering in revit can be much better than this
    mail me if you want to know more

  2. Thanks Hitesh! What is your process in rendering?

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