New Day in the Design Field

Every since I graduated for Interior Architecture at University of North Carolina Greensboro, It has been extremely hard to find a position in the design field. Maybe it is location, location, location. I have a lot to offer and recently i have worked on a couple different freelance projects. Some of them were for different clients that I got in touch from networking and some where competitions that I have entered. The last work that I completed was the Smart Office competition that was sponsored from HP, Microsoft and Talenthouse. I had a good experience at Talenthouse and made me realize alot of things. I have to keep working hard and keep showcasing my work and talent that I have. Hard work pays off, and a position in the design ( architecture, interior architecture, graphic design, GIS) field will open with time and I will take every opportunity. Time will tell if everything will work out. Till then, every day is a good day that I will keep working hard, and today it's a new day.

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