Project 3[Historic Preservation]

106 Parrish Street, Durham, NC 27701 is the site address for project 3. We
documented and observed both building and site context thoroughly and analyzed and interpreted data observed in a useful and meaningful way to inform the conceptual design process that we are going to do. My group[3] looked at:

building’s structure/ codes/ ADA exploration)
-the zoning and building code details of the site

-in its existing state, consider the egress system and accessibility issues in the building

-ADA as it applies to the site

-the structural system of the building to examine what changes the building is ready to take in

-the other present problems faced by the facility and how it can be rectified

-constraints and opportunities of the site

-what is/ are the unusual/dominant feature(s) of the site

-show the existing building drawings illustrating the interpreted features

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