How did I make an architecture portfolio online

This is the road to making an online portfolio that has worked for me and helped in having a web presence in the architecture/interior architecture,graphic design field. Networking is key in our profession in the design field. After all, to is about location, location, location a little bit right? Let's get into the topic more deep.

First, decide what or how much work you would like to include on your portfolio. You want to include your best work at the beginning and also finish strong with a great project! Be proud of your work! You spend alot of time creating them and now it's time to showcase them! I am in now way, shape or form suggesting that in the middle of your portfolio, you should include not so good projects. One way to look at it that has helped me is by asking your friends, what they think of a specific project or how to make it better. Listen to their feedback, criticism and embrace it with open arms. It will help you alot and save time when you work on a project since you will know what to fix or get rid off.

Second, Look out for a website to host your portfolio that would fit your needs. Personally, I use Behance (it is free) platform to host all my projects. At one point, I turned my blogger page to a website where I posted my recent projects. There is Wix platform (also free) where you can make the portfolio too. Depends, on your preference and how comfortable you are using each website. you can try to make an account and test-drive each of these pages and see what would be easier for you to upload the projects. Let me know if you have any questions concerning any problems you might encounter during the process of making an online portfolio! I will gladly help with answering these questions. If you are not new to this process, how did you make your online portfolio?


  1. Hi Ino, in addition I'm having a backup copy of my digital portfolio archive at portfolio hosting. The bonus is easy access to all my files, plus additional protection. I had a couple of incidents with my hard drives in the past. Each time it was like a nightmare, being afraid to loose all my recent data!

  2. Thats a great idea Nadi! Having a copy your digital portfolio as backup it is always good! Hope your portfolio building is going well!