As one walks the streets, they see the train passing on top of the underpass and under it many lights, while shifting in different colors, are pulsing. They are intrigued and start walking toward it. One would say the structure looks as if it falls into its surroundings. As they get closer, they notice these solar panels that give power to the lights during the day, with the sun being the main source of light during the day and at night electrical lighting takes over allowing for a safer passageway for pedestrians. They see the reveled beams through this milled acrylic panel that are lighting up with LED’s. Earth tones blend the manmade structure within its natural environments. Lighting and color accentuates the overall experience they will have while actually in the space. That is also going to be noticeable in the “glowing” shifting walls as they seem to come from the ground. The cove lighting from the ceiling releases this yellowish glow while making the underpass feel warm and a comfortable place. As one would say the underpass will be the focal point during the daytime as well as nighttime. As day turns into night, the underpass becomes a stronger, independent entity. There is a hierarchy created in the space as it shift from outside to the inside of the underpass. While promoting fitness through this underpass, one would also say that the place seems familiar. They say that because the underpass “captures” the city where every pedestrian, whether on foot, bike or rollerblades, will pause and see the history of the city of Greensboro and its Greenway Underpass.

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