Residential Standards

Entrances should be at least 34" wide.
Work triangle should be used where distances travelled to each station should be between 4'-9"(Oven,Fridge,Workspace).
Not a lot of traffic circulation should pass through work triangle.
Walkways should be at least 36".
Seating areas should have at lest 36" clearance between walls and counter table space and it is 60" for wheelchairs.
Sink should be located between cooking surface and refrigerator.
Knee space under sink 27" minimum for wheelchairs with a 34" max sink height.
Work isle width should be at least 42".
If sink is located next to a corner there should be at least 3" frontage from adjoining counter with at least 21" of free space at adjoining counter.
Countertop height should be between 29"-36" and adjustable for wheelchairs.
Floor space of at least 30"x48" adjacent to dishwasher.
Have at least two waste receptacles near cleanup/prep/sink areas.
30"x48" clear workspace in front of refrigerator and 15" of work area on handle side of refrigerator.
Have at least 12"-15" of work-top area on both sides of cook surface.
24" clearance between cooking surface and nonflammable surface.
cooking areas should be well vented. Vent controls should be placed 15"-44" above floor.
Do not place cooking surface beneath a window.
Should be at least 15" work area below or adjacent to microwave.
There should be at least 15" workspace next to oven. Workspaces across from oven must be at least 48" away.
Use clipped or rounded corner counters.
At least 158" of countertop 24" deep should be offered.
Items used all the time should be between 15"-48" above floor.
All work stations should be well illuminated with adjustable lighting fixtures.

Doors should have a minimum 2'-10" opening.
Minimum ceiling height should be at least 80".
30"x48" at each fixture for wheelchair to move freely.
Lavatory sink height should be no more than 34" for the seated user using a wheelchair.
There should be rounded corners on counters.
Interior shower size should be at least 36"x36".
Shower controls located between 38"-48" above floor.
Grab bars should be 33"-36" above floor and able to support static load of 250 lbs.
Shower seat 17"-19" above shower floor.
Bathtubs with seats should have a horizontal grab bar at side wall of seat and at opposite wall.
Toilet grab bars located on rear wall and side-wall closest to toilet.
Slip resistant flooring should be specified.
Toilets should be spaced 15" on center from any obstacle.
Toilet seat should be 15"-19" from floor.
Items used all the time should be placed 15"-48" off of floor.
Full height mirror for seated individuals.
Toilet paper holder should be 8"-12" from toilet bowl and and 15"-48" above floor.
Light switches must be suitable for damp locations.
Ventilation controls should e placed 15"-48" above floor.

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