Unity Village: Phase iii:Design Concept (Statement)

 Considering my client is a 71-year-old woman that holds private watercolor classes in her apartment and hosts her book club one can tell her life is filled with warmth and harmony from being around people all the time and not making her feel lonely. I would use the living room as the space where she holds these activities. Putting a portable table/desk in the middle of the room for her to navigate where how she would like the people to seat so everyone can seat around it and the room to have a cozy feeling. This way Ms.Heffernan(client) would have a sense of security knowing the space would embrace everyone in the middle as one. When she is not holding classes she can close the table by sliding from both sides and use it as a desk where she can store her art materials or work on her next art masterpiece. Considering her age, eyesight could also impair how the color is seen. A soft contrast of blue/green color would be painting the walls so the room can have an open feel. She also enjoys displaying her art as well as her student's artwork. By hanging and portraying her art on each side of the wall as well as bedroom would give her a sense of art gallery.

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