Color Study

Color Study 1 based on the colors used in Maud Gatewood's painting: “the girl with the red shirt skating on the sidewalk”. Below you will see some iteration that I did inspired by that painting. (If you put the painting description that I wrote above, you will be able to look it up online and see the original painting)

First, one needs the materials in order to complete this exercise.  I used some difference choices of Micron pens and different pencils. Also, do not forget the markers. Personally, I use Chartpak’s. I have been using these materials for a while. As I mentioned on my previous post, I always keep my sketchbook with me and in addition I keep pens and markers with me because you will never know when you might want to practice. Maybe you are in front of a beautiful view and to capture the moment on paper. Maybe you are in a cafĂ© and want to capture and draw the scene of the people and the background. Whatever the case might be, it is a great idea to keep a sketchbook or some papers for you to draw when you are in nature. It is always a good thing to go out and see the outside and go ahead to capture it.
In Project VII we created four perspectives of the space 14' x 24' in SketchUp and selected the one we like best. We first started with SketchUp as a design tool because at the time (and now) and it is a good tool about getting your schematic design on the computer fast (once you draw some preliminary ideas on paper). Also, the renderings do not come out bad using podium, however, they do come out more realistic if you get the VRAY plug-in. The settings are not that hard to figure out but you need to try different things and see what works best for you. For the purpose of this exercise that I had to do at this class, I did more than four perspectives so I could have more choices and also practice more. It was more for the practice part because I was just starting out doing more hand rendering so I wanted to get more experience. 
There is a lot things to consider when you hand render such as lighting, materials, different line weights when you deliver the drawings. The presentation is as much important as what you have put on the paper. We transferred the SketchUp perspective by hand onto three sheets of 18" x 12" paper paying close attention to line quality and choice of materials. We chose a set of four colors based on any one of Maud Gatewood's paintings and rendered the perspectives. You have to portray the materials as best as you can so when(if) a customer asks " What materials would you suggest to use in the space?", you would visually show it with your drawings without actually describing anything. You would let the drawings do the talking

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