Commercial Kitchen

In the studio class we had to design a food's lab for the nutrition students at UNCG. The space had to be "green" and part of that process I chose sustainable materials such as linoleum,marmoleum flooring, energy star rated fixtures and appliances, counter tops, bamboo cabinets. I used to SketchUp to do the model. This was one of the project where there was a real client and many users of the space (students,teachers). We had many meeting where we did measurements of the space, spoke with the client and trying to figure out the needs that they had. I proposed this solution of how to utilize the space. The layout was simple, however, making use of every corner of the space was not easy. After presenting my schematic design, we did another meeting where we developed the idea a little more. Let me know if you any questions! I will gladly help and walk you through any steps where you might have problem with your kitchen design project ( or any project). We keep learning everyday and it is a process that does not stop.

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