Expedite LEED certification with BIM for Design Building Projects

Today,July 13 2010, I joined a webcast hosted by Autodesk,Inc to learn how all project stakeholders can benefit from a Design-Build process that uses building information modeling (BIM) as the core for meeting LEED standards. BIM is so important in a successful design-build project by offering the ability to evaluate design alternatives more quickly,make better decisions earlier and collaborate more effectively across all stakeholders (Architects>Civil Engineers>Structural Engineers>MEP Systems Engineers>Builders>Owners). Design Build is the most collaborative project delivery method in widespread use. It allows BIM managment team to be distributed and impleaded through the project team. It creates efficiencies in cost and time plus productivity. Sustainability +BIM+ Integration= SustainaBIMegration.
Conceptual Phase (Schematic Phase)>Conceptual Design>Criteria Design>Detailed Design>Implementation Documents>Construction Administration

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