aids in South Africa

IDEC (Interior Design Educators Council)

Project Description

Twin sisters Batkithi and Bonisani Masoko, and their younger sister Xolisile are typical teenagers in South Africa. They attend school, finish their chores, and talk with their friends. Batkithi and Bonisani look out for their little sister and make plans for their future. But they do all of it alone. Their parents are dead,both victims of the AIDS epidemic. The graves are located within sight of the girls' front door.

The Masoko sisters are part of what has become South Africa's "Lost Generation", the children who have had one or both of their parents die from HIV/AIDS.

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Identify the problems that South Africa's "Lost Generation" face. Explore their various needs such as safe housing, education, and access to healthcare or community support. Choose on aspect of a problem that speaks to your team and develop a design response located within their country, while representing their culture and heritage. Consider the available community resources and propose a solution to the problem. The design may be as small as a cart or as large as a building as long as a need is identified and a solution is communicated.

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