Design Concept(Statement)

A rubber band is made of flexible materials that can return to its original shape after being stretched or extended. How about we cut the rubber band and make it a long piece to expands it more and there is no defined space (circle)? We want to create a space that is inviting and harmonious that embraces the residents that live at Unity Village. Leaving the laundry area, lounge and mail room open would expand the space and make it more free flowing allowing the elderly, students, and immigrants to be more comfortable in the space. This will also allow them to interact in the space that is flexible. We will add a modern touch by using move able and recyclable furniture Allowing the daylight and artificial light to define the spaces in order to keep the space free flowing and flexible. We will use color keying to create a harmonious environment that is pleasant to all of the residents. It is easy to hold something together with a rubber band because it expands but by cutting it and making it a long piece it breaks the barrier of the defined spaced used which is the circle.

Inspiration Words:

Expansion Freedom Form
Elastic Pleasant Function
Harmonious Modernism Tropical
Free flowing Flexiable

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