Design Thinking

What does Design thinking mean to you?
How are you using it in the current project? How about future projects?

Design thinking is about being creative, bringing many ideas to the table and showing it diagrams, sketches. Design thinking is about meeting the user needs and in order to success in the next step of your project. It makes you strive to the maximum and expanding every idea that you have to a different path and that what makes your project step outside the box and be uniques and creative. Sometimes you have to research, work in a team, and be open to explore different ideas in order to have the best design. In the current project we are working on a team. We are sketching, diagramming, putting many ideas in the table so we can explore them. Reading Chapter 6 on Ideation helped alot about the concept and for future projects it will help alot and also doing more sketches. Its not thinking outside the box anymore, its more about breaking that box or conidering there was not a box over there at all in any point of time. Design Thinking is about expanding what ideas you have and not putting boundaries in the human mind. Creativity does not have a limit.

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